myrouter.local is the web utility that is used to manage the advance settings for Linksys wireless router. myrouter.local is a combination of two web addresses that means either you can use myrouter.local web address for making login address for your Linksys router. In any case you are getting issues with myrouter.local address you can also use IP address as an alternate. That means, both myrouter.local and both have same functions they are actually alternate of one another.

How to manage guest account for Linksys cloud account? | myrouter.local

If you want to control the web traffic for your family members of your friends, you can easily configure guest account for your home network. Guest account is one of the best tools provides for the Linksys Smart WiFi enabled users and once configured accurately, you will able to make sure that your WiFi access now fully secured from any kind of misuse.

Steps for Managing Guest Account for Linksys Advance Routers | Linksys Setup

  • First, you will need to access Linksys Smart WiFi Account using http // setup utility.
  • Using the login details you can easily get login access for Linksys Smart WiFi tools.
  • Under “Smart WiFi Tools” select “Guest Access” option.

  • You will switch ON your guest account from there.

  • You can now edit your guest account for Linksys Smart WiFi.
  • You can give a unique name to your Linksys guest account and you can specify a unique password for your Linksys guest account.

  • Once you made all these settings, you can save all settings using “OK” button.

Using these simple steps you will able to manage your guest account access for Linksys accounts. You can also explore the blog session and you can receive more article regarding myrouterlogin, http //myrouter.local, Linksys router login, log into Linksys router, Linksys setup, http // setup and Linksys smart router login.

How to set media priorities for Linksys cloud account? | myrouter.local

As we know that we can easily connect as many as devices with the Linksys home network. All these advance devices can work together and form a single wireless network. All devices connected within your home network will able to access home network very easily but the issue is that all devices will be available with same priorities so will be unable to differentiate them.

You can easily set different priorities for the devices connected to your home network. We are going to explain the procedure so that you can specify different priorities for the devices connected within your home network. You can explore the blog session and receive more information for http // setup, Linksys setup, myrouter.local/signin, myrouter.local, log into Linksys router, http //myrouter.local and myrouter.local

Steps for Settings Media Priorities for Linksys Network Devices

  • First you will need to access Linksys router login page using myrouter.local address.

  • From there you will able to set priorities for your devices. | myrouter.local
  • Using “Downstream Bandwidth” option you can easily specify the bandwidth speed in kilobits.

  • “WMM Support” option is enabled so that you can get best value for Audio and Video qualities.

There will more media priorities options you will get. You use any one of them all according to your requirements.

You can also reset the media priorities you have configured at you your Linksys device. If you want to reset the media priorities for your device, you will need to access “Media Prioritization” option under this, you can find “Reset Prioritization” option. Once you select this option, all settings you have made for your device will be deleted from your device.


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